• Speak with a contractor first. Become familiar with things from the beginning. Do your research and meet with them in person. Request proof of licensing, insurance and find out what their warranties are.
  • Allow us to inspect your roof and property without cost or obligation. Let us inspect and document any damage to make sure its enough to warrant filing a claim in the first place. We take pictures of everything we see!
  • Make sure you have your contractor present to represent you during the inspection with your insurance company adjustor. After all, you wouldn’t go through a legal battle without a lawyer would you? Make sure you have a professional there to ensure the whole scope of damage is documented and paid for.


  • Don’t go directly to your insurance company! You need to know if you have enough damage to even file a claim. We offer FREE no obligation inspections and will provide you with a detailed report. We will also take the time to educate you on the insurance claim process, it’s very complicated.
  • Don’t just use a​ “roofer from their list” You need to work with a general contractor as multiple trades of work may be required. Additionally, most roofers on an insurance list have already agreed to do work for a lower amount to better serve the interests of the insurance company and not for better work. More often than not, these are personal friends and each party has likely established some sort of compensation- this is just too much of a conflict of interest!

logodark2 We specialize in the efficiency of hail damage insurance claims while making sure that you are comfortable and informed throughout the entire process. It is important that you contact us prior to filing a claim to make sure there is enough damage.Additionally, ensure we are present to meet with your insurance company to make sure the whole scope of damage is documented and paid for.


We do a lot of roofs, especially after hail and wind storms. It is very common to have roofing salesmen knock at your door after these storms, however, it is up to you to decide who you are comfortable working with. We are well aware there are a lot of roofing companies out there and most of them sell out of desperation. We know you have options, however, we are confident that once you meet with a Trek Contracting representative about your insurance claim, you will choose us over the rest.

We are licensed by the International Code Council F11 National Standard General Building Contractor (A). This means that we are not only able to "do it all," but more importantly, we instill trust and comfort in your mind that every aspect of the job will be done right the first time around. We strive to keep this rather complicated process as simple and efficient as possible for you. Trust us above the rest for your hail damage insurance claims!

Become familiar with the process

Step 1- Call us to schedule a no obligation inspection.
Step 2- With our recommendation, call your insurance company and file a claim for storm related damage.
Step 3- Upon setting the date/time for the insurance adjustment, make sure to inform your Trek Contracting project manager so they can schedule the date and be present.
Step 4- Insurance adjustment occurs and with agreement from the insurance company, you will receive the paperwork and the first check for the project. Make sure to give your contractor the paperwork and if you have a mortgage company listed on the check, call them and inform them that you will need their endorsement.
Step 5- Decide on a shingle color and agree on any/all additional work with your project manager.
Step 6- Begin the project!

Request an Inspection