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Denver Solar Roofing Installation and Replacement

Most Denver residents have heard of our state’s famous “300 days of sunshine”—so why not take advantage of the sun to save on your home energy bills? With solar roofing from Trek Contracting, you can turn your roof into a power generator that keeps your home running efficiently and frees you from climbing utilities costs.

The bottom line?

If you want to save money and future-proof your home, it’s time to go solar! Our Denver solar roofing installation and replacement experts provide:

  • The Newest Technology Customized to Your Home and Needs
  • Accurate, Itemized Cost Estimates and No Hidden Fees
  • Friendly, Consultative Meetings with No Sales Pressure or Tricks
  • Complimentary Roof Inspections from HAAG-Certified Crews
  • Clean, Professional Solar Installations with No Mess Left Behind

Why Go Solar for Your New Roofing System?

If you’re wondering why a solar roof could be such a smart investment, let our knowledgeable roof installers tell you! Thousands of homeowners across Colorado are choosing solar every year because it allows you to:

  • Offset Your Costs with Solar Renewable Energy Credits
Solar Renewable Energy Credits, or SRECs, can be complex for a homeowner to navigate for the first time. The short version? SRECs are certificates – calculated by the amount of power your panels produce – that you can then sell back to the utility provider. 
Some states are incentivized to produce a certain amount of energy from renewable sources, so you can make some extra money to offset the cost of your system to start, and eventually, just to keep in your pocket. The team at Trek Contracting can guide you through this system so that it's easy to do with your new solar panels in place.

  • Save with the Federal Solar Tax Credit Program — Ends Soon!
There is a federal solar tax credit program that incentivizes solar energy with a dollar-for-dollar reduction to your federal income tax if you purchase a solar energy system for your home. You can save 26% percent of your new solar energy system's cost against your 2020 taxes if you get a system installed this year. Next year, that credit will drop down to 22%. After that, the program ends! That makes this year the best time to add solar energy to your home.

  • Own Your Power
By installing a solar roof, you’ll no longer have to “rent” your power from your local utilities provider. Your solar roofing will create its own renewable energy, which may be enough to completely power your home.

  • Go Green
In addition to the monthly energy savings, you’ll be doing your part to lower our collective environmental impact—a responsible effort that becomes more urgent every year.

  • Impact Property Value

Most homeowners can expect to see a return on their solar investment in the form of increased resale value. If you’re considering installing solar roofing before you sell your home, ask a Trek roofing contractor for specific advice.

Learn More About Denver Solar Roofing Installation and Replacement

At Trek Contracting, we’re a Denver roofing contractor with many different roofing systems available. We’ll happily meet with you to explain why more homeowners are investing in solar for their new roofs—but we’ll also let you make your own decision based on honest information with no sales pressure. It’s your roof, and we want you to be happy with it!

Learn more about our solar roofing installations and get a free consultation by reaching out today. Just give our roof installers a call or complete our simple online form now.