Dealing with storm damage for the first-time is something that every new homeowner must experience. While the process may be a little stressful, as long as you have good home insurance you’ll be able to afford repairs to fix your property.

At Trek Contracting, we help a lot of homeowners when it comes to roof insurance claims. Our team has a swift and efficient process that we follow to ensure approval of the claim by an insurer. We’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here. Let’s go over the process of getting your roof damage repaired by an insurance company from the very beginning.

Checking Out Your Home

After you have been through a bad storm, always take some time to walk around your property to look for visible damage. This can include missing shingles on the roof, holes in the roof, or shingles on the ground. You might also notice water leaks developing inside the home after a few days.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Pull out that insurance policy or call your insurer to ask about what kind of coverage you have in the event of roof damage. Some insurance companies may only offer storm damage restoration, while others provide coverage for fallen trees or even faulty work completed by your contractor.

Get Estimates

Contact a local roofing company to get a free initial inspection and estimate for repair of your roof. You might want to reach out to a few different companies so you can compare quotes. An ideal roofing contractor will have experience working with insurance companies and can help you complete the process.

Build a Claim

You’ll work with the roofer to build your insurance claim request. This includes:

  • Gathering evidence of the damage

  • Taking photographs

  • Filling in the claims forms

  • Providing a written estimate for repair

Meet the Claims Adjuster

When the insurance company receives your claim, they will send it to an insurance adjuster or an estimator. This agent may set up an appointment to come out to the house to provide their own assessment of the damage. The adjuster might provide a counter estimate, agree to the contractor’s estimate, or reject the claim based on what they find.

Negotiating with the Insurance Company

If there is a difference of opinion between what the homeowner wants for the repairs and what the insurance company wants to pay, there is usually a period of negotiation. This is where a roofing company with experience handling insurance claims really comes in handy. The contractor can speak with the insurer directly and work out a price that all agree on. 

Work Begins on the Replacement Roof

After all of that, your home can finally get the repair work that it needs. Contractors may be able to repair minor problems or will have to install a replacement roof, depending on the amount of damage. Make sure to get started with your insurance claim as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your property and more expensive repairs.

If you have recently been through a storm and are worried about the condition of your roof, reach out to Trek Contracting. We can help you with filing an insurance claim, getting an estimate, or scheduling a roof inspection. Give us a call or fill out our online form right away.