Roof Inspection

The roof of your home serves several different purposes, from improving the aesthetics of your home, to protecting you and your family from the elements. Rooftop constructions should be of the highest quality to prevent the need for expensive repairs and replacements over time However, roof materials won’t last forever--and it’s inevitable that your roof will eventually need to be replaced at some point.

Roofs become damaged, worn-out, and non-functional for a variety of reasons, which means that your home can be susceptible to damages that can cost you a fortune. To keep your home protected, it is important to know the signs of needing a new roof in order to ensure that your family and your investment are safe and well-protected.

There are many ways to tell whether your rooftop needs replacement. In this article, our experts at Trek Contracting will share seven of the most obvious signs that you may need a new roof—and what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

Check Your Attic

One of the easiest ways to check the condition of your roof is to get a good look at your attic. Using a flashlight, check for any signs of water leakage, sunlight, or moldy plywood. These could indicate the presence of damage on your roof.

Consider the Age of Your Roof Construction

No matter what type of material your roof is made from, age is always going to be a factor when determining when you will need a new roof. Most roofs last anywhere from 15-20 years or longer, depending on location, materials, and other factors. Check your home records to see how old your attic is to see if it is time for an inspection from a licensed roofing company.

Look for Damaged/Missing Shingles

It is always a good idea to do a visual roof inspection of your roof once or twice a year. What you will want to do is check for any missing or damaged shingles and replace as needed to prevent larger problems. You will also want to do this after severe storms as high winds can damage roofs.

Examine Your Flashing

The flashing around your roof can start to degrade over time and become damaged after storms. Check the flashing on your roof yearly, and seal or perform any required repairs you may need to help keep your roof fully protected and well-maintained.

Look For Signs Of Rotting

One of the most common problems with roofing is leakage. Leaks can lead to water exposure inside and outside the home, which will eventually lead to rotting which can damage the structure of your entire roof. Look for sagging spots in your roof as these are typically signs of a rotted roof joist or backing.

Signs Of Moss

If you notice moss on your roof, you will want to get it removed as quickly as possible and then check for signs of leaks and water build-up. Moss grows in areas where there is a lot of moisture, so this usually means that there has been enough moisture on your roof to foster rotting and other damage to your construction. You’ll also want to check your gutters for clogs or have gutter guards installed to prevent water drainage issues.

More Than Usual Shingle Granules In Gutters

When cleaning your gutters, you will usually see asphalt shingle granules as these tiny pieces of your shingle fall off over time. If you clean your gutters regularly and notice more granules than usual, it wouldn't hurt to have your roof inspected to make sure you have proper protection from the elements.

Premium Roof Replacement Services In Denver, CO

Roof maintenance, repairs, and roof replacements are an important part of being a homeowner—and taking proper care of your roof construction is one of the best ways to ensure the value of your home investment. Beyond value, however, proper roof care will mean optimal protection from the elements, lowered utility bills, and enhanced curbside appeal for decades to come—which is why looking for premium roof services should be one of your top priorities as a homeowner.

With over 55+ years of combined experience, the licensed roofing experts at Trek Contracting have been Denver’s most trusted roofing contractor for years. Specializing in storm damage repair, our team can tackle any job, big or small. For more details about our services, give us a call to speak with one of our representatives today. Or, to get a free, no-obligation quote, fill out our online quote form and one of our team members will help get you started.